Why Groom Your Dog?

We as a human race created the many “Breeds” we know today and it is our responsibility as a human race to care for them.

Our ancestors bred the breeds we know today by selective cross breeding to create dogs for a specific purpose such as working and protecting cattle, hunt point and retrieving, stamina and endurance, protecting farm and homestead from vermin and intruders, different temperaments, and also for aesthetic and companionship reasons. They usually had a specific coat to suit their specific job.

When it comes to evolution, if dogs were left to their own devices they would probably resemble something similar to my two Romanian rescue street dogs (please see picture, although deceiving they are actually about the size of a  Spaniel). Small enough the fuel economically, agile enough to flee quickly at the first sign of danger or threat and dependent on climate a double coat that they could shed themselves along a prickly bush or rough textured tree (although not as well as a Groomer ha ha).

Rozi and Benni

So yes we created all the wonderful variety of different textured coats for example, wool, silk, coarse, wire, double, single, short, long, corded or combinations of any of these. This is why we groom dogs as they can no longer self maintain.

Grooming also…

Keeps coat clean, fresh and manageable. Ensures your pet is kept in “tip top” condition.

Promotes good blood circulation, stimulates the skin and releases toxins which helps to reduce stress.

General health check is performed where possible so potential health risks to your pet can be detected.

Parasites and foreign bodies can be detected.

Helps to prevent knotting and matting.

Nails trimmed and ears cleaned.

They smell, look and feel fabulous.

Helps to reduce buildup of grease, dirt and excess undercoat.

Aerates and lifts the coat ensuring healthy growth.

Allows the skin to breathe which can help prevent
skin conditions.

You can learn your pet`s likes and dislikes
e.g. A part of the body.

Your Diamond Dog
Is Worth It.

Fay Greene ICMG
International Certified Master Groomer

Hi, I’m Fay, the owner and stylist here at Fay`s Diamond Dog Grooming. I have always loved animals and like a magnet find myself drawn to them. (Yep I’m the one in the corner cuddling the dog at a get together or party, ha ha.) I have been very lucky to grow up my entire life with a variety of animals such as guinea pigs, ferrets, fish, cats, and a wide variety of breeds of dogs, ranging from a Longhaired Dachshund, Basset hound, German Shepherd, St Bernard’s, Great Dane and Bernese Mountain Dog, Cocker Spaniel, Border Collie and Romanian rescue mix breeds.

I gained my first City and Guilds dog grooming qualifications in 2004 at a local college. This sparked my passion for the industry but it would be in 2014 when I opened my salon which would ignite an even greater passion and release my potential into this amazing journey that is unfolding before me.
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Fay Greene.


Bath and Blow Dry

Here at Fays Diamond Dog Grooming we pride ourselves on a thorough shampoo and drying process. Shampooing process consists of at least two massaging shampoos and rinses with an all natural deep cleaning shampoo. Drying consists of a thorough towel dry and (dependent upon breed and temperament) a High velocity blast, finishing with a slow blow dry whilst having a thorough brush out. This process really helps to remove excess grease, debris, dead skin, superficial knots and excess coat.

A Full Groom

This includes all the above as the prep work, also includes a general health check. As grooming is usually performed on a regular basis, we see every square inch of your pets body, coat and skin sometimes more regularly than your Veterinarian, we look for any changes/abnormality’s to general look of your pet, we check mouth, eyes, ears, nose, body, skin, coat, feet, pads, sanitary area and report any differences we may find. A full groom also includes a trim/clip/scissor/re-style dependent upon breed and your personal preference, spritz of cologne and complementary ribbon and collection call.

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 Puppy Grooms

It is always best to plan ahead for your Puppy’s first groom as we tend to be booked well in advance. Puppy’s can be groomed as soon as they have had their final vaccinations. We recommend starting the grooming process as early and regularly as possible to help them to get accustomed to the surroundings, equipment and handling in the grooming Salon. First grooms include among breaks, nails trimmed ,ears cleaned, bath, gentle blow dry, feet and pad tidy, sanitary trim and a face tidy. It is sometimes possible to complete a full groom at the first appointment but this is dependent upon how quickly your puppy adapts to the grooming process.


This treatment as demonstrated above by Monty the Cairn Terrier is commonly performed on Terrier and some Gundog breeds to maintain the correct texture and colour of the coat, handstripping is a specialist technique and should be maintained on a four to twelve week cycle dependent on breed and individual coat. A correct textured coat and temperament are needed to perform this treatment. If the coat is at the stage of needing handstripping the coat will remove easily and not have any cells left on the bulb. (Please see picture)

Border Terrier Daisey Before Handstrip

Border Terrier Daisey After Handstrip

Please note skin conditions and neutering can have an adverse effect upon the outcome or suitability of performing handstripping. If not possible, another technique called “Simulation” handstripping or part handstrip will be recommended. This can still look as effective as handstripping.

Border Terrier Chops Before Simulation Handstrip

Border Terrier Chops After Simulation Handstrip


Nail Trimming

Keeping your pets nails at a comfortable length is very important, when nails are left to long or allowed to curl into the pad it can cause unnecessary pain to your dog whilst standing or moving as they will have to adapt their paw into an unnatural position. Having your pets nails trimmed by either a nail clipper or shortened by a Dremel will also help prevent nails tearing when exercising. Included within the full grooming process unless a referral to a Veterinarian is recommended. Also offered as a walk in treatment.

Ear Cleaning

During the full grooming process your pets ears are checked and any excess build up of wax and hair is removed. Please note the treatment of “plucking” hair from the ear canal is only performed if your pet is content for us to proceed, if unable, the hair maybe trimmed or a Veterinarian referral recommended. Having your pets ears checked and cleaned on a regular basis will help to detect early signs of an ear infection and possible signs of foreign bodies. Also offered as a walk in treatment.

Blueberry Facial and Paw spa

Because they are worth it…apply to the full grooming treatment, during the bathing process a tear-less oatmeal and blueberry spa treatment can be applied and massaged into the face and paws. Luxuriously relaxing, deeply cleansing and smells wonderful. Please ask for details.


Humanity before Vanity

Matted and excessive undercoats do not allow air to circulate to the skin and can cause a variety of health and skin problems such as hot spots, bacterial and fungal infections. Fleas, ticks and other parasites may be lurking in the coat causing further skin complaints.

Matted fur also pulls and binds at the skin causing pain and restricting your pets freedom of movement, much in the same way as a straight jacket.

Trying to save a coat that is severely matted by brushing will cause pain and unnecessary suffering to your pet, severely matted coats will require a short clip (De-matt) however with kind techniques excessive undercoat removal within reason and to the tolerance of your pet may be successful (De-shed).



Please ask for more details prior to your appointment if you believe we may have to perform a dematting treatment on your pet. This will ensure adequate time is allocated for your pets appointment. Alternatively we will contact you at the time of appointment if we discover this is the kindest way forward for your pet.

I would sincerely like to thank the owners of this little dog for the permission to share this video for educational purposes. This is not intended to damn the owners but to educate the public to what could potentially be lurking under your dogs coat. The video states this dog was matt free 13 weeks ago and has only missed one appointment. This dog was being regularly professionally groomed every 6 weeks here but having missed one appointment and then having to wait a further 7 weeks for the next available one. Also in this period unknowingly and unintentionally making it worst by bathing and not thoroughly brushing out after so it slowly became one mass felted matt. Eventually getting to a point of no return. This shows how quickly matting can happen and how vital it is to correctly groom your pet. Grass seeds can happen to any length of coat so please be vigilant in checking your pet regularly. It is a rarity and I am extremely grateful to the owners for allowing me to share this video to hopefully help raise awareness that whilst maybe shocking to some viewers is currently a daily occurrence within the grooming industry particularly with coats of a wool or wool mix texture. When brushing and then combing your dog between professional grooms it is very important to comb from the skin outwards so you do not miss any potential knots that maybe lurking beneath the surface.
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How to maintain your pets coat at home between professional grooms

You will need a “Dog Conditioning Spray/De-matting Spray”, a “Slicker Brush” and a “Metal Comb” (please see pictures below), all of which are available to purchase in the Salon.

Start by sectioning the coat (personally I like to start at the back leg and work  forward toward the head). Lightly spritz the section you wish to work on (Do not soak the coat). Whilst taking caution to not scratch the skin use the Slicker Brush first as this will help to break up any knots/dead coat. Once you are confident this section is brushed, slide the comb through thoroughly, concentrating on the areas you would not normally stroke and areas that encounter friction such as legs, paws between digits and pads, groin, armpits, undercarriage and behind the ears. The final accomplishment being to glide the comb freely from Root to Tip throughout the entire coat. Performing this regularly will help to keep your pet knot free, happy and healthy.

Detangle Conditioning Spray

Double Sided Slicker Brush

Metal Comb

FilFil the Husky



Jeckyll the Newfoundland