Did you know this industry is NOT REGULATED?

Groomers who are Qualified/Certified are because they Choose to be.

This is something Fays Diamond Dog Grooming feel very passionately about and would love to see some positive changes of professionalism within our industry hopefully within our lifetime.

Currently as it stands anyone can decide to become a groomer with no prior training or legislation. It is truly surprising how many owners when choosing a groomer presume that they have had the appropriate training…

The first question normally is “how much is it?”…

The fact of the matter is, this industry involves live animals and sharp equipment, which can lead to devastating results if performed incorrectly.

This is not to say there are not any very talented unqualified/un-certified groomers out there and accidents cannot happen to the most highly trained groomer because there is and they can but do feel at the very least some basic accredited training should be completed and we as an industry should be regulated.

As a proud founder member of both the British Isles Grooming Association (BIGA) and also The Groomers Spotlight (please find me and press the recommend button here) both of which encourage Qualified/Certified Groomers and Continual Professional Development. I have provided the links here if you wish to know more but also there are some great tips to help you maintain a healthy pet.