Core Values

International Professional Groomers, Inc
Code of Ethics

As a Member of Good Standing of IPG, I promise to:

  • Treat humanely all animals entrusted in my care, and place their welfare above all else, to exhibit compassion and integrity when dealing with these pets, ensuring their safety and health.
  • Report any animal injury to the owner immediately.
  • Exhibit a professional attitude and demeanour at all times and promote harmony among my peers by encouraging professionalism and continuing education.
  • Refrain from attacking competitors or reflecting unfairly on their services, methods of doing business, or their personal life.
  • Honour the spirit of IPG, Inc. to continually strive to gain respect for the industry by promoting professionalism in the field of pet grooming.
  • Work toward the highest standards in pet styling and pet care, stay current with industry trends and continue to improve my capabilities as a professional pet groomer with continuing education.
  • Be honest, fair, and responsible in all business transactions and abide by all laws affecting my business and profession.
  • Use my Certification titles and IPG logos only as approved and allowed by IPG and while maintaining active membership in IPG.

The Animal Welfare Act

 1. To provide a suitable place to live.

We believe health and safety is paramount in the salon, we try our absolute best to ensure your pet is free from harm and injury at all times whilst in our care. We securely store sharp objects and electrical equipment when not in use. We also create a quiet, warm, cosy and safe place for your pet to wait to be collected.


2. To provide a healthy diet, including fresh water.

We ensure fresh water is available for your pet at all times. If the current state of your pet`s skin, hair, teeth and breath are in poor condition we may recommend a possible change of diet or to seek veterinarian advice.


3. To give the ability to behave normally.                                                                                                                                           –

The well-being of the animal is always the number one concern whilst being groomed. We allow your pet to behave in a normal manner ensuring your pet has regular toilet breaks. Your pet will wear a correctly fitting neck loop whilst being groomed for health and safety reasons, but will still allow them the freedom to breathe and move their limbs in a safe, controlled environment. Very occasionally the use of more handling aids may be required for the safety of the animal and groomer. E.g. A padded belly aid may be used for a dog that wants to ‘spin’ on the table or is veering dangerously close to the edge. This aid may also be used for a senior dog to help the dog to stand more comfortably for longer periods of time. Occasionally muzzles may be used for the health and safety of both dog and groomer.


4. To give ability for appropriate company.

We never leave your pet unattended whilst in our care, the entire salon is open plan including the spa area and pet waiting area enabling the groomers full view of all animals in our care at all times. If the occasion arises.


5. To protect from and to provide treatment of pain, suffering, injury and disease.

By removing any matts, dirt and debris from the skin and coat, we are treating the sources of potential pain and discomfort. If the occasion calls for it we will remove parasites from your pet by washing thoroughly in an insecticidal shampoo and give advice on treating the pets home environment. We ensure your pet’s nails are trimmed to a length which is not going to cause unnecessary suffering. We clean your dog’s ears to help prevent infections. We take the upmost care preventing injury to your pet by abiding by health and safety such as removing sharp objects and electrical equipment when not being operated. Surfaces are wiped down between each groom and we disinfect and sterilize equipment that come into contact with your pet to prevent any potential outbreak or spread of disease.