We as a human race created the many “Breeds” we know today and it is our responsibility as a human race to care for them.

Our ancestors bred the breeds we know today by selective cross breeding to create dogs for a specific purpose such as working and protecting cattle, hunt, point and retrieving, stamina and endurance, protecting farm and homestead from vermin and intruders, different temperaments, and also for aesthetic and companionship reasons. They usually had a specific coat to suit their specific job.

When it comes to evolution, if dogs were left to their own devices they would probably resemble something similar to my two Romanian rescue street dogs (please see picture, although deceiving they are actually about the size of a Spaniel). Small enough the fuel economically, agile enough to flee quickly at the first sign of danger or threat and dependent on climate a double coat that they could shed themselves along a prickly bush or rough textured tree (although not as well as a Groomer 😊).

Rozi and Benni

So yes we created all the wonderful variety of different textured coats for example, wool, silk, coarse, wire, double, single, short, long, corded or combinations of any of these. This is why we groom dogs as they can no longer self maintain.

Grooming also…

Keeps coat clean, fresh and manageable. Ensures your pet is kept in “tip top” condition.

Promotes good blood circulation, stimulates the skin which helps to reduce stress.

General health check is performed where possible so potential health risks can be detected.

Parasites and foreign bodies can be detected.

Helps to prevent knotting and matting.

Nails trimmed and ears cleaned.

They smell, look and feel fabulous.