This treatment as demonstrated below by Monty the Cairn Terrier, is commonly performed on Terrier and some Gundog breeds to maintain the correct texture and colour of the coat. Handstripping is a specialised technique and should be maintained on a four to twelve week cycle dependent on breed and individual coat. Handstripping is the removal of guard hair (top coat) which is at the telogen stage (the bulb has released and is resting in the folicals shaft)

A correct textured coat and temperament are needed to perform this treatment. If the coat is at the stage of needing stripping the coat will remove easily and not have any cells left on the bulb. (Please see picture). This procedure is not painful if performed correctly. Handstripping is not the removal of undercoat, if the dog has an excess of undercoat it maybe lightly carded. Carding and handstripping if performed correctly will not cut the coat.

Before & After Handstrip

Simulation Handstripping

Please note skin conditions and neutering can have an adverse effect upon the outcome or suitability of performing handstripping. If not possible, another technique called “Simulation” handstripping or part handstrip will be recommended. The outcome can still look as effective as handstripping. This method is achieved by clipping or by where needs be, scissoring the coat. Please note over time, this may dilute the colour and in turn soften the coat.